Livestock Equipment

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Brandt VSF Bale Processor: $5,100. 1000 PTO left hand spread, some weld and repair, good working order.  Pictures Below

IMG_4632 IMG_9380 IMG_9423

Haybuster Tub Grinder: $8100.  H-1000 tub grinder, sensor controls, good hammers.  Pictures Below.

IMG_7081 IMG_7328

JD 5400 Cutlers: starting at $7500. Pictures Below.

IMG_7711 IMG_5569

Case/IH 8610: $3500. Pictures Below.

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Highline 6800 with Blower: $8500. Pictures Below.

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Haybuster 265 II: $3500. Pictures Below.

2074 2077

Bale King 3100: $12,500.  Like New Bale King (Degelman),  3100 Bale Processor, Right hand discharge, fine cut knife, 1000 PTO, sharp.  Pictures Below.00k0k_lpRkt5CTOK_600x450[1]00x0x_gWrWlO2J2np_600x450[1] 00D0D_5stkYCz0t1m_600x450[1]

00t0t_dTMYpLyaxJZ_600x450[1]’05 Haybuster 2650: $12,500. Low Bales.  Pictures Below.

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  1. john fathke says:

    we hav e a 900 haybuster hey grinder we would like to trade for the int 8610 bale processor give us an email or a phone call 1605 491 0517 thanks

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